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Clear Out a Cluttered Building

Choose residential or commercial dumpster rental and pickup services in Lubbock, TX

Emptying out a building can be a challenge, but it's less of a struggle when you have a dumpster on site. Double T Waste Management offers residential and commercial dumpster rental services in Lubbock, TX.

We'll deliver a 20- or 25-yard dumpster so that you can dispose of:

Trash bags

You can also pile up construction debris into your dumpster. When the container is full, simply call us for prompt dumpster pickup services. We'll collect the dumpster at your convenience and then dispose of the waste at a landfill.

Is there any waste we won't accept?

Our team won't take biohazardous material like medical waste. However, we can provide a residential or commercial dumpster rental for any other kind of garbage, junk or debris. Turn to us for dumpster rental and dumpster pickup services when you need to clean out your space.